Kim Pasqualini 01/02/2010

We LOVE this product and were so excited to find it at our local Whole Foods.  My youngest son has many food allergies, so finding snacks he likes is a challenge.  Your mixed veggies are just about the only vegetable he eats these days (he is one and a half).  I am writing to thank you for creating a great product that is prepared safely for people with food allergies.  :)  We will happily continue to buy this product and seek out more like it!  Just a side note, we would really love to see more variety of vegetables in each can though.  Our favorite are the green beans and because they are so few in the can, everyone wants to be first to find it.  It's like winning the lottery around here when we find a green bean!  :)  So, please include more of the other veg if possible; we like the sweet potato and pumpkin but have yet to find a carrot!  Have a great day!  happy new year!  Kind Regards, Kim

Tina Telesca 05/09/2009

At a Lacrosse practice for my son another parent in the stands offered me some harvest of heaven mixed veggies. I tried them and thought my daughter who is vegan would like them. She told me she got them at Publix. I had to go to six stores but I finally found them and my daughter LOVES them. I bought a second can tonight and know I will be buying them regularly. I have never seen anything like these and have been telling my friends about them. We haven't tried the dried fruits yet but probably will in the future.

Thanks for a great product. We love them.

Kelly Sloan, GA 06/09/2008
Great marinade!
"Just wanted to say I picked up a bottle of your marinade at Publix. We slow cooked it instead of baking it. Got to say, it was AWESOME! This is something that we are going to become addicted to. Thanks for such a great product!"

Laura Thornton , 04/15/2008

“I live in Washington, D.C., but was in New York City for a few weeks on business, and found your mushrooms (and other products) at the Garden of Eden in New York City, on West 23rd Street.  I liked them so much, I came home with another can for myself, and two more for gifts, which have been very much enjoyed.  We hope to find a location in the D.C. area that sells your products! Meanwhile, we will order some more mushrooms at some point from Amazon.  They are so good, and are a wonderful alternative to the usual snacking fare of potato chips and the like.” 

Adam Creech, 11/15/2007

I stumbled across this in the condiments section at Publix grocery store and decided to give it a try. I marinated my chicken in the morning before work and grilled it up for dinner. I think it has a GREAT flavor and is very similar to what you get at the mall food court. I love it and I am excited for the spicy version to be released.

Michelle Buck, 04/02/2007

I tried your grill 'n dip and found it to be fantastic. I see you can buy it at Publics but as a northerner I am also hoping I can buy it in Maryland. But now I find I can at least buy it on line and intend to buy enough for my family and friends. I know they will enjoy it as much as we do here in Florida.

Thanks for such a great product.

Too bad you do not have a rating for excellent!!!!