Chicken Toast Rolls
1- Toast Slice
Baked Bourbon Chicken
made with Bourbon Chicken Sauce
1 - Pickled cucumber
1 - slice Cheddar Cheese
2 leaves of Lettuce
Purple Onion to taste
Chili Pepper- to taste
Alfalfa Sprout to taste

Mayonnaise to taste
1. Cut baked Bourbon Chicken into strips. (The recipe for BC chicken can be found on this website.)
2. Cut pickled cucumber and cheese into strips. Cut away the browning of toast.
3. Wash and dry lettuce leaves, purple onion, chili pepper, and alfalfa sprouts. Tear lettuce leaves into strips. Finely slice purple onion and chili pepper.
4. Lay flat the toast and place all the prepared ingredients on the toast, add mayonnaise to your liking, roll up the toast, and YUMMY!