Beef with Mushrooms
This is a quick recipe and tasty recipe that will leave everybody on the table asking for more.

Beef Sirloin (thin cut steaks)
Assorted mushrooms
Minced garlic
Corn Flour
Water Chesnuts
Green Onions
BC Bourbon Chicken Marinade
BC Bourbon Chicken Grill'N Dip

Cut the steaks in bite size strips and marinate in BC Bourbon Chicken Marinade for about an hour. Slice onions on wedges. Once the meat is marinated, sprinkle some flour on both side of the strips

Cooking Procedure:

  • Pre-heat a wok with sesame oil or vegetable oil and add the garlic.
  • Sauté the steak quickly until lightly browned and separate.
  • Add the onion, mushrooms and chesnuts and cook until tender.
  • Return the steak strips to the wok and blend with the other ingredients in the wok. Use Bourbon Chicken Grill'N Dip to taste to add a sweeter taste and balance the flavor.
  • Serve with white rice and garnish with green onions.

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