Before contacting us, you may check the FAQs below for a quick answer. If none of them satisfies, shoot us an email and we will be happy to assist you!

Q: Where are your products manufactured?
A: Our sauces are manufactured in CA, USA. Our snacks are made in Taiwan. All of our products are processed in FDA-registered factories to ensure the utmost food safety criteria is met.

Q: Can I get a discount if I order in bulk?
A: Good deals for bulk orders can be found at Amazon.com. If you are a retailer, please contact us.

Q: Although you say your products are available in my local retail stores, I can not find them. Can you help?
A: Please email us which stores you tried but failed. We will contact the stores and help with their inventory. You may also make purchase in our online store.

Q: Do you ship outside of America?
A: We only ship to address in the continuous 48 states. If shipment is going to Canada, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Bourbon Chicken Sauces
Q: Do your sauces contain gluten?
A: Our marinade sauces may contain gluten . This is because we brew the ingredients naturally and gluten is a product of the natural brewing process.

Q: I’m a restaurant owner and would like to know if you have packaging in bigger sizes.
A: At this moment we only have the current packaging available. However, please feel free to contact us for updates.

Q: Do you have any recipes?
A: Please go to recipes.

Q: How do you manufacture your Harvest of Heaven chip products? It’s so crunchy, unlike the cardboard-tasting freeze dried products.
A: We use a technology called “vacuum frying.” Basically we put the veggies and fruits in a vacuum chamber and fry them in canola oil. Thanks to the lack of air pressure, the oil temperature is kept quite low and the oil quality stays stable. In other words, we avoid the disadvantages of deep frying while keeping all the natural fiber and nutrients in place. The only thing that’s missing is about 15% of water-soluble vitamins because the moisture level is extremely low. The finished products not only taste great but also good for you.