Original Bourbon Chicken Sauces  
Tired of your BBQ flavors? Try our Bourbon Chicken Grill 'N Dip and Marinade Sauces to rejuvenate your cooking passion! Bourbon Chicken is the No. 1 sold item at food courts throughout eastern United States shopping malls. Now with our BC sauces its unique flavor and irresistible sizzling can be easily achieved at home to satisfy your family ’s appetite or even better, to “wow” a ballgame crowd. So what are you waiting for? Welcome to the BBQ revolution!



Products Highlights

  • The authentic Bourbon Chicken sauces based on our 10+ years of restaurant experience.
  • Marinade and Grill ‘N Dip used together for authentic Bourbon Chicken flavor
  • Marinade can be used alone to add hickory and salty flavor to all kinds of meats, such as salmon or turkey
  • Grill ‘N Dip can be used alone to bring sweet savory flavor to meats and vegetables.
  • No MSG; 0g Trans-Fat; Cholesterol free.
  • Grill n’ Dip is gluten free.
  • Marinade contains naturally-brewed soy sauce, not artificial imitation.